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by Sarah

Making Life Lovely


I’m Sarah, the creator of Style and Grace, a website that encompasses cooking, entertaining and lifestyle. Nothing makes me happier than a crowded table and good food. Any excuse for a party.

My mission? To inspire you to find your style and empower you to build a life of adventure, beauty and celebration. I’m a pro at pulling it all together and I’m here to show you how. Stop by to grab a quick idea or stick around for more inspiration. You’ve got this. I’m here to help.


Healthier Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup is a delicious and hearty soup, that’s filling enough to be served as a main course. Here it’s been made it a little healthier, by swapping in ground turkey in the meatballs, and by adding lots of veggies.

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Blackberry Blush Cocktail

Pop the corks, it’s time for pretty spring cocktails! This blackberry blush Cocktail is perfect for spring brunches, Mother’s Day, showers or any day that calls for a drink as pretty as it is delicious (Hello girlfriends?…. When will you be over?)

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Grazing platters for easy entertaining

Keep hosting duties light by entertaining casually with grazing platters. Assemble the platters ahead of time, pour some drinks and sit back and enjoy the conversation while guests help themselves.

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Miami Travel Guide

When grey weather and cool days starts to weigh you down, head south to warm your toes in the sand of sunny Miami. A quick 3 day visit is all you need to feel refreshed and revitalized.

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Travel Emergency Kit

There’s nothing like a splitting headache or a problem with your limited wardrobe to put a kink in your busy business trip or relaxing vacation. Why waste time in a new city tracking down a pharmacy or searching the floor for a lost earring back?

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Infused water

As temperatures start to rise, it’s the time to put good hydration habits into practice. Aside from being essential to overall good health, proper hydration keeps us feeling alert and helps us avoid headaches and breakouts.

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Food lover, hostess and lover of all the pretty things

This stylish entrepreneur has been cooking her way through life since she first learned to make homemade strawberry jam from her Grandma in her cottage kitchen as a child. 

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