Why does the job of filling stockings seem so daunting?  Perhaps it’s because we leave them to the end, or because dreaming up and sourcing a whole series of little gifts is quite the project.  Have no fear, we’re here to help with this list of stocking stuffers for Food Lovers and people who love to cook, all available on Amazon Prime so they can be on your doorstep before Christmas Eve!

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Set of Prep Knives

This two piece set from Victorinox contains two of the best little knives there ever was.  With ergonomic non-slip handles and sharp, sharp blades these little knives make quick work of peeling and slicing.  Use the pairing knife for trimming vegetables and making small cuts, and use the serrated utility knife for slicing tomatoes and even meat.  They come in many colours, but red is festive, no?


Red Wine Stain Remover

It happens.  Prepared for the inevitable holiday spill by popping a bottle of this stain remover into their stocking.  It works wonders for fresh and dried wine stains, as well as coffee, juice, cocktails, sauce, and even blood….


Fish Bone Tweezers

These stainless steel tweezers are a great gift for anyone who prepares fresh fish.  They make quick work of plucking stubborn pin bones.  These food tweezers are also handy for removing quills from organic or farm fresh chicken.


Rechargeable Candle Lighter

Finding an empty lighter just as they’re about to light candles on a birthday cake or candles on the dinner table adds stress to a host’s life.  With this viral rechargeable USB lighter, they’ll never run out of spark again.  The lighter can be used up to 600 times on a single charge and the battery volume is easily monitored via LED lights on the lighter, meaning they won’t be caught by surprise again.


Mini Retractable Tape Measures

These mini tape measures are as useful inside the kitchen as they are outside.  No more guessing the size of a pan or wondering if the rectangle they’ve carefully patted their dough into is in fact exactly what the recipe calls for.  Double-sided with both imperial and metric measurements, these little tape measures are wipe clean making them ideal for use around the kitchen.    They’re also handy for taking measurements when shopping, in person or online.  They come in a 3-pack, so they can keep one in the kitchen, one in the office and one in their purse/glove box of the car.  Or, split them up if you’re doing multiple stockings.


Sandwich Cutter and Sealer

This set is a great choice for anyone who packs picnics, ski lunches or school lunches.  Cut sandwiches into manageable sizes and seal the edges so the fillings don’t fall out in transit.  This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves road trips, packs a lunch for outdoor activities or even for kids who make their own school lunch.


Phone and tablet stand for the kitchen counter

Great for keeping your phone or tablet upright and out of the mess while consulting favourite online recipes.


Tech Cleaning Pads

Using your phone or tablet to look up online recipes in the kitchen is handy, but it’s not without a downside.  Even the most careful cook will end up with occasional splatters and smudges on their device.  These tech-friendly cleaning pads make quick work of wiping away fingerprints, residue and smears from touchscreens.  They’re equally great at safely tackling the fingerprints and smudges that happen outside of the kitchen too.  The pads come in a pack of four, so they can always have one handy, or split them up and give one or two to each person if you’re doing more than one stocking.


Aerogarden Salsa Garden Seed Pod Kit

If you’re also gifting them the Aerogarden featured in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, pop a seed expansion pack into their stocking.  This Salsa Garden Seed pod kit features seeds for an heirloom cherry tomato plant and jalapeño pepper plant, so they can be making fresh salsa from their homegrown produce in no time.


Jumbo Ice Cube Tray

For the cocktail lover or the whisky afficionado in your life, this ice mold makes large cubes that melt slowly and won’t water down their drink.  Made of silicone, the ice cubes release easily from the tray.  Make plain jumbo ice cubes or add herbs or fruit to make fancy ice cubes for extra special drinks.


Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks

Just in time for New Year’s celebrations, the cocktail lover in your life will love these reusable stainless steel cocktail picks.  Perfect for adding garnishes to martinis, Caesars, Bloody Marys and drinks of all kinds, these little picks can also be used for skewering appetizers and finger foods.


Really good vanilla extract

Pure vanilla extract is expensive, especially in recent years.  Treat the cook and foodie in your life to a bottle of high quality Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract.  It’s the good stuff, and they’ll know it.


Moisturizing Heel Socks

These toe-less socks are great for cooks or anyone else who spends time on their feet.  Infused with moisturizers such as olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E, these heel socks will help relieve dry, cracked heels while they sleep.  They come in a two pair pack, and are sold in one size which fit most women and men.


Mini Waffle Maker

If their kitchen is small, or they spend their winter weekends skiing, this tiny waffle maker is just the thing.  It makes homemade waffles about the size of the store-bought freezer kind, so waffles can be made up ahead of time and reheated in the toaster as needed.  It makes easy work of weekday breakfasts or early ski mornings.


Heart Shaped Ravioli Stamp

Homemade ravioli is next level, and this stamp will shape each piece into a sweet little heart.  Put this in your sweetie’s stocking and make plans to make for a ravioli-making date night.


Ring Holder

Keep rings safe (and out of the pizza dough!) with a ring holder for the kitchen.  Taking your rings off in the kitchen is cleaner for both the food and the rings, but can be risky without a safe place to keep them.  This ring holder from Kate Spade is simple and stylish, and features a low profile and deep bowl that’s less likely to get knocked over.


Truffle Oil

This tiny bottle of truffle infused olive oil from Italy delivers a big punch.  The flavour is intense so you only need a little to add big truffle flavour to pastas, vegetables, or my favourite – Salted Truffle Popcorn


Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

Repeated hand washing often leaves hands feeling dry and chapped, particularly in the winter, and no one knows this better than cooks (well, except maybe health care professionals).  Gift the frequent hand-washer in your life a tube of Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm to slather on at day’s end to restore their hard working hands.


Microplane Zester


This multipurpose tool is a kitchen workhorse, finely grating everything from pecorino, to garlic, to lemon zest.  It’s definitely on my list of kitchen tools everyone needs.  If they already have one, it’s probably dull, so they will also be thrilled with a new one.


Stoppers for Sparkling Wine

Don’t let an unfinished bottle of Champagne (or Cava, Cremant, Prosecco….) go to waste by snapping one of these airtight caps onto the open bottle.  The silicone stopper seals out air, and seals in the carbonation gases, so your bubbly will still be fresh tasting and well, bubbly, for your mimosa the next morning.


Decision Dice

Leave the eternal question “What’s for dinner?” in the hands of chance with this fun decision die.


A Great Biography of a Culinary Icon

My Life in France, by Julia Child and Alex Prud’homme

No stocking would be complete without a great paperback to devour over the holidays. Co-written with her great-nephew, Alex Prud’homme, Julia Child reflects on her life and career in this best selling biography.  This memoire traces her path as she dives head first into life in post-war France, learns to cook, faces rejection and ultimately finds success as a TV chef and celebrated author.



A Set of Sushi Ornaments

Add some humour and charm to their Christmas tree with this set of four hand crafted glass sushi ornaments.


Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

They’ll never need to guess again if their turkey is fully cooked or if their steaks are medium rare.  Small and lightweight, I often toss one in my suitcase when I’m headed to a vacation rental to take the guesswork out unfamiliar ovens and grills.  Is it done?  Is it not done?  This folding instant read thermometer makes it easy to know when dinner is cooked perfectly.


Ghirardelli Chocolate Peppermint Bark

No stocking is complete without some candy, and there’s nothing more Christmasy than chocolate peppermint bark.  The Ghirardelli version is so delicious, they may eat the whole bag on Christmas Day!

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