Mother’s Day – which falls on May 14th this year – is coming up quickly!  Now is the time to pick out the perfect gift for the moms, mom-in-laws, grandmothers and mother figures in your life (and don’t forget to treat yourself, mama!).  While it’s easy to fall back on the old standby’s – a “World’s Best Mom” mug, a bottle of bubble bath – I thought we could push a little deeper this year and buy something the moms would really enjoy.  To make things easier, I’ve put together a list of gifts that are thoughtful, useful and downright enjoyable. This year, treat Mom to something she’ll really love and will make her feel as special as she is.  Get her a gift that says “Thanks Mom, you’re the best”….but not literally.  She already has that mug.



Portable Wine Bottle Chiller

Summer is coming and nobody likes warm wine.  Forget cooler bags that don’t really keep things cold, this Wine Bottle Chiller from Maxso snaps right onto the bottle and keeps wine cold for hours.   Easy to slide into a bag, it’s perfect for taking on picnics or anywhere else you wish to arrive with bottle that’s chilled and ready to drink.


Silk Pillowcase

Summer, the season of frizzy hair,  is just around the corner.  If Mom isn’t using a silk pillowcase yet, now is the time to set her up for great hair all summer long.  There are lots of silk pillowcases on the market, but the Lilysilk Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase gets extra credit for being made from 100% Mulberry Silk on the top and 100% cotton on the underside.  The cotton underside prevents the pillow from sliding around, and means you can turn the pillow cotton-side up when you make the bed if the luxe look of silk doesn’t suit your decor.  The very reasonable price point means you can grab a matching set for Mom’s bed and a couple for your own bed too!

Mid Century Modern Paint by Numbers Kit

Here’s a paint-by-numbers kit from Pink Picasso that is both fun to do, and will result in a piece of art that’s cool enough that you’ll actually want to hang it in your house.  Order two kits and pick up a bottle of bubbly for a super fun paint night with mom.   Better yet, get the family together in person for a paint party, or connect virtually.  Mom will love the painting, and the time spent together!

A Sleek and Elegant Cake Plate

Mom’s baking is always the best!  Elevate her creations with this elegant cake plate from Cultivate that doubles as a home decor piece.  Both beautiful and functional, this stand is made of durable quartz and walnut wood, and comes apart for easy storage and cleaning.  Use it for baked goods, as a serving piece for appetizers or as a stylish fruit bowl (well, plate).  It could also hold its own as a sculptural decor item on a book shelf.  Or, all of the above,


Water Resistant Wireless Speaker

Whether she’s a pool, dock, boat or travel-loving mom, give her the gift of portable tunes with this water resistant wireless speaker from Soundbot.  This little gem connects easily to a phone and delivers splash proof, wireless sound on-the-go.  Or, on-the-stay, for that matter.  Use the suction cup on the back to mount it to the tile so she can sing along to her favourite songs in the shower.


A Mini Donut Machine

Mini donuts, hot and fresh, anytime she wants with the Dash Mini Donut Maker.  Enough said.

Raised Garden Bed…on wheels!

Help Mom plant the herb garden of her dreams in this wood garden box from Vivosun that can be moved around easily.  Spend the day together assembling the garden bed, and planting it with her favourite kitchen herbs.  Wheel it around easily until it’s in the perfect spot.  She’ll love the time spent with you, and the lasting gift of fresh herbs to enjoy throughout the summer.


The Trendy Tumbler

The Stanley Quencher 2.0 Stainless Steel Tumbler  went viral on TikTok last year and sold out everywhere – but it’s back just in time for Mother’s Day!  At 40oz, it holds a lot – but unlike most other large water bottles, it has a base that fits in just about any cup holder.  I repeat – It’s a large beverage container that likely actually fits in the cup holders in your car, on your stroller or on your treadmill.  Practical and cool, that’s exactly what mom needs.  Did I bury the lead here?

A Fun Coffee Table Book

Help Mom refresh her decor and her reading material with a gorgeous new book for the coffee table.   Unless she’s REALLY into fashion, skip the tomes from the high fashion houses, and look for something authentic to her tastes.  If she loves Dolly like I love Dolly, she’ll enjoy reading about Dolly’s life, song by song (and rhinestone by rhinestone) in Dolly Parton: Songteller .   It’s glorious from cover to cover.  David Jiminez’s Parisian by Design is the perfect book for the mom who loves, or dreams of, Paris.  Part French interior design manual, part lifestyle guide, this book will have her both redecorating and planning her next trip.  The best coffee table books are instantly captivating and spark conversation.  No one will be able to resist picking up the eye-catching Dali: Les Diners de Gala.  This book is a stunning reprint of artist Salvador Dalí’s 1973 cookbook, and features his artwork and recipes from his legendary (and notoriously wild) dinner parties.

The Gift of Hot Coffee

If there ever was a gift meant for the mother of young children, it’s this one!  The rechargeable, heated Ember Smart Mug will  keep her coffee at just the right temperature for an hour and a half off the charger, and all day long on the charger.  No more reheating coffee in the microwave (then forgetting the coffee in the microwave).  Her coffee will be just the right temperature from one distraction to the next.  Combine it with the Dash Mini Donut Maker pictured above for the endless gift of hot coffee and fresh donuts.   You’ll be her favourite child, for sure.

An Instant Massage

Whether the mom in your life loves sports, or is knee-deep in the athletics of motherhood, she’ll appreciate soothing her tired, aching muscles with a Theragun Mini deep tissue massager.  This mini version of the popular percussion massager is light weight, and fits nicely in a gym bag or suitcase.

The Softest Hands

Give her hands some love with this luxurious Resurrection Aromatic Hand Balm from Aesop.  Thanks to mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas, this heavenly cream is both ultra moisturizing and revitalizing.

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