I’m a few days late to wish you all a Happy New Year!  Between the holiday travel to Toronto and the great snow on the mountain, there have been so many delightful things to distract me from the real world.  Now that we’re settling back into a routine this week (and I again know what day of the week it is!) I’ve had the time to think about the year ahead and make a master plan for the work, the fun and the adventure.  I’m not one for resolutions per se, but I do view the new year as an opportunity to reflect on what worked well the year before and where there’s room for improvement.  As I look to the year ahead, one word comes to mind:


If I do one thing differently this year, it will be to approach all areas of my life with intention.  There will be less living reactively to what happens around me, and more time on the things that bring me satisfaction and happiness.  This will mean planning my time more judiciously and making more conscious choices regarding what I spend my time on (For example, Social Media I have bad news for you – our time together this year will be limited! Meetings that could have been handled with an email? – you’re out too!)  While it will mean saying ‘no’ more to the useless distractions, hard though that is sometimes, it will mean I can say ‘yes’ to more ski time with my family this winter, ‘yes’ to more time on the dock with my friends this summer, ‘yes’ to more travel…..and ‘yes’ to new projects and time for the work that I truly love.  It will certainly be a juggling act, but I’m up for the challenge.

Oh, and yes to more delicious food and kitchen dance parties, but those things were never in question, were they?

So here’s to a brand new year full of possibilities!  May 2023 be your best year yet!

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