Take the stress out of hosting by trying some of these tips at your next gathering, to ensure a good time for both your guests… and YOU!

  • Attend your own party! Don’t get stuck in the kitchen all night. Do as much as possible in advance so you can enjoy your guests and have fun.
  • Don’t put your guests in a carb coma. Everyone loves delicious party food, but remember to balance it out with fruit, vegetable and healthier options.
  • Serve food throughout the evening, instead of putting it all out at the start of the party. It will stay fresher, and the steady supply of food will help offset the cocktails.
  • Balance the time consuming work of individual hors d’oeuvres by preparing grazing platters. Assembled with mostly store-bought items, they can be quickly put together to feed large crowds.
  • For large parties, rent your dishes and glassware. It’s surprisingly inexpensive, and most companies allow you to stack the dirty dishes back in their boxes and return them to be washed, saving you the clean up work.
  • Serve water. Yes, you heard that correctly. Along with whatever other libations you choose, set out bottles of sparkling water or a pitcher of infused water to keep guests hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty yourself to keep your stamina going until your last guest heads out the door.
  • Stop all your prep work at least 1 hour before your guests are due to arrive. Get yourself ready, put on some fun music and pour yourself a drink. Make it feel like the party has already started when you open the door to greet your first guest.

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